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War for the Home Planet

Aan-Tooin Engagements

59,993 BBY


59,480 BBY




Both sides claimed territory of equal area

Major battles

Battle of Ghne, Battle of Uliapis, Battle of Mantooine, Battle of Alderaan, Battle of Vumis Nebula, Battle of Tatooine


Aan Empire

Tooin Empire


The Aan-Tooin Engagements was a series of battles and conflicts around the galaxy between the two races.


The Aan and the Tooins generally broke off into two main directions. The Aan headed largely for the Core of the galaxy, while the Tooins stayed out in the Outer Rim, with both races colonizing planets along the way and establishing each of their empires. Occasionally, they would encounter each other's fleets and a battle would commence for control of that area. Most times the victor was able spread into several systems and colonize them before the enemy's reinforcements arrived in the region. However the speed of colonization was largely dependent on known openings in hypergate travel and there were not many of these locations. Those that were known were heavily guarded by the controller and entrance of enemy ships along those coordinates resulted in an ambush.


The various planets colonized by the Aan and Tooins during the Engagements.

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