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A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away......

                                                                  STAR WARS

                                       A CORRUPTED GALAXY: CLASH OF THE EMPIRES

                    After the defeat of the evil Lumiya and the final death of the Sith entity Abeloth,                                   the young JAGGED FEL took command of the IMPERIAL REMNANT and had                                       reformed it into the FEL EMPIRE as the new GALACTIC EMPEROR!                                                       However, not all of the Imperial leadership, such as the treacherous                                                     GRAND MOFF MEL ZAO THUD THE SECOND who plans to overthrow the                                             GALACTIC ALLIANCE, the Fel Empire, and the other galactic powers. The old                                      GRAND ADMIRAL GRANN THE THIRD, architect duke of the                                                                    DANTOOINE ALLIANCE, flies to CORUSCANT's NEW JEDI TEMPLE to inform                                     GRAND MASTER LUKE SKYWALKER about the new threat of the IMPERIAL                                         UNION, a group of renegade Imperial Warlords, rebellious Imperial-allied factions,                               moffs whom have defected to Mel Zao Thud the Second's cause, and small                                           Imperial splinter factions that survived the Imperial Civil War. Will the Imperial                                  Union be victorious? Or will the Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire relinquish the evil forces of the dark Grand Moff Mel Zao Thud the Second? 

        How long until we get to Coruscant, captain?'' asked Grann the Third.

        About eight hours, sir. It's not a very long time logically, I would reccomend resting at your             quarters for the next few hours so you can have some breakfest in the morning.' said Captain Fiel Diao Zan, the captain of the Secutor-class Star Destroyer Royal Sovereignity.

     Very well then, I'll be at my quarters, wake me up in six hours. said Grann the Third.