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ARC-1774, also known as Gexic, was one of Jango Fett's clones and commander in the Clone Wars.

Biography Edit


Gexic was very skilled in numerous combat forms thanks to being taught by a Shiido instructor who was under the guise of a Mandolorian. He and his brethren who joined him in the training, were considered very advanced due to the strange and foreign techniques and maneuvers they were taught. By the end of the training Gexic was one of the strongest clones and quickly rose through the ranks to become commander.

Clone WarsEdit

Gexic was first deployed during the first battle of Kamino were Gexic defended his home with all the strength he could muster. He managed to destroy possibly hundred of battle droids—rumors said he even single-handedly took out a dwarf spider droid—and managed to destroy a low flying Amphib fighter with a rocket launcher, causing it to crash into another fighter and explode in the midst of a large number of battle droids. The attack on Kamino was a failure, a CIS commander was dead and Gexic was hailed as a hero. He then saw many more battles but the one most notable was possibly the battle of Cato Neimodia. He was deployed there with thousands of other troopers.

During the battle he once again managed to take out many battle droids although this time he managed to destroy twice as more because of one ARC trooper, the very same one who was destined to become Gexic's second-in-command, Reton. Gexic was amazed at Reton's skill and was shocked even more when Reton managed to save a group of clones from a larger group of droids by using a similar tactic to the one Gexic himself had used.

When the clone forces were called back to search for the makers of Gunray's mechno-chair Gexic was furious at having to retreat to look for the makers of a chair but when he tried to tell this to Obi-Wan Kenobi he was reprimanded and a deep hatred took root. Later Gexic and Reton were deployed to the planet of Damock with Arachnoid Jedi master Di Groota to try to dissuade the locals from joining up with the CIS. However the mission was mostly unsuccessful with more and more towns falling to join the CIS.

Order 66Edit

When order 66 was initiated a battle was about to be won between the clones and a CIS stronghold. However Gexic's own holo-projector had been shot by a BI-battle droid and was rendered useless and Reton had to inform Gexic of the move. Many troops were suspicious however, it was no secret that Reton had no real respect for the Arachnoid Jedi master and more were wondering if it were merely an excuse to kill the Jedi, despite such a thing being impossible.

Nevertheless, Many troops fired anyway. Di however, was riding an Ubese thorn-back war dragon and managed to use it to eat many of the clone troopers and Gexic was one of them. Although the battle was eventually won the loss of commander Gexic was thought of by many to be a crippling blow to the Grad army by many and a special service was held in the honor of one of the greatest commanders of the time.