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The AL1SI is a prototype creation and the brain child per say of Prince Akuma Loki. AL1SI stands for or is an abbreviation. Akuma Loki Version One Stealth Invasion Fighter.

Template:"Take what you want, never ask" - (Akuma Loki)

AL1 Stealth Invader was a technology designed and built for the sole purpose of a gorilla style stealth invasion. It was untraceable in the atmosphere, above or below. It emits an interference wave that makes tracking it impossible. It submits a frequency band that aligns with in planetary or galactic radar tracking capability. The radial waves spat out combine and pull together to ensure there is no void or Comsat interference.

A.L.1 Sith Stealth Invader

(Unkown Top Secret prototype invention.)


Gravitonic Modulator, Sensory Negators, Interfield Repulsion, Thermal Dissipators


The AL1 was originally created for one man assignation missions. Akuma Loki wanted to be able to go beyond the normal boundaries of Stealth capabilities and have complete anonymity. So he contracted private builders and financial support. He later eliminated all parties involved in a genocidal move to keep it's secrecy and make sure the prototype stayed solely within his hands.


Top Secret - Sith Infiltration Galactic Spectrum -SIGS.


Gorilla attacks, crowd control, stealth infiltration - Created by Sith Prince Akuma Loki. He owns the prototype and has just begun procedures for mass production. The use is for a massive destructive and unseen Sith Invasion that will be unstoppable once put into motion, they will be the unseen enemy, they will go unacknowledged until it is to late for the republic to react. The will strike in strategic locations throughout the entirety of the universe.


Is a prototype and is just in the beginning phases of its production. It is the newest, fastest, deadliest state of the art Stealth tech creation to exist.

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