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The AA1-class battlecruiser was a battlecruiser built by BlackHole Technologies during the pre-Clone Wars era. The ship also became a common sight on the Rebel side of the War to Restore the Republic. The AA1 originally was supposed to be a transport for the Empire. Similar to the Empire's SSD, the AA1 was the command ship for most of the war, even in the Battle of Endor.

Countless Vessels and Their Main Heroes Edit

Here are a few of the Rebellion's command and capitol cruisers:

  • Freedom Rider
  • Republic
  • Alliance
  • Majesty
  • Victory
  • Chancellor
  • Commandant
  • Coruscant's Liberator
  • Endor's Liberator

Service and Commanders Edit

Here are the vessels that were last seen serving in the Republic's starfleet, and their respective commanders.

  • Slain Master: Commander Plitgh
  • Empire's Liberator: Admiral Newcastle
  • Endor's Liberator: Admiral Kirkbill
  • Coruscant: New Commander Ashvelle
  • Victory: New Captain Mellabend
  • Majesty: New Captain Jasconned
  • Victorious Majesty: New Fleet Admiral Neynatreck

The PRO1 Edit

The PRO1-class battlecruiser was built as a precursor to the AA1-class ship. Only a few remained in service, but several were used throughout the years. Used by the New Republic and Rebellion, two PRO1 vessels evacuated a planet that was destroyed by the 1st Death Star, Beht IV. Only 1/15 of the population escaped death. The ships were given medals by the Republic for their service.