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The following events happened in 94 ABY.

Events Edit

  • Imperial Uprising begins when Imperial Remnant leaves Galactic Alliance.
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems is rediscovered by Imperials in the Tingel Arm.
  • Crynyd-class Heavy Frigate enters service.
  • The Grand Alliance's counterattack into the unknown regions fail, as many fleets scattered during the attack- many ships and men are lost and the GA begins pressing all available men to the front lines.

Battles Edit

Births Edit

Deaths Edit

  • Many Admirals at the First Battle of Coruscant
  • Galactic Alliance Senator of Bastion
  • Galactic Alliance Representative of Bastion
  • Seth Yorkin, from natural causes
  • Death of Janna0.
  • Tarakus Deadmerit's second known death, on Tepagastra

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