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The following events took place in 45,000 BBY.

This year was known as 44,968 before the Great ReSynchronization.


  • Approximate establishment of the Shaviantarth's Kingdom on Lorsanan'sondora
  • Following the victory of N'Akkiarlian Alliance over the Mzenran Kingdom in the N'Akkiarl-Mzenra War the N'Akkiarla finally unite all of the N'Akkiarlian kingdoms in the N'Akkiarl System under their banner, the First N'Akkiarlian Empire becomes the Second N'Akkiarlian Empire.
  • The N'Akkiarla manage to reinvent a way to travel between galaxies after such technologies were forgotten for millenia during the N'Akkiarlian Dark Ages, with help of technology left by their former Eokian masters, who they killed off 5,000 years before in the N'Akkiarlian War for Freedom, they find The Galaxy and colonise it, after a thousand years an unknown catastrophy happens and they are forced to flee, putting the galaxy under quarantine for another 45 millenia.
  • A N'Akkiarlian explorer rediscovers a planet inhabited by ancient Humans, the world is named Earth, formerly known as "'Ei-Zonnox", after Angorr 'Ei-Zonnon, the explorer who discovered it 5,000 years prior, the N'Akkiarla resettle the world and breed with the native humans, eventually, however, the N'Akkiarla leave the planet, the N'Akkiarla will forget about the planet until the First N'Akkiarlian Star Empire returns to it in 41,100 BBY, by which time the planet has been named "Earth" by the natives.




45,001 BBY - 45,000 BBY - 44,999 BBY

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