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A clone trooper of the 36th in standard Phase II armor.

The 36th Kom'rk Legion was a prominent member of the 15th Defense Corps. It was led by Senior Commander CT-42/13-8038 (nicknamed Jurkad), and Jedi General Nim-Adko.

Like other Legions in the Grand Army, the 36th had 4 Regiments. However it had 2 specialities, and 2 regiments for each: 2 for guarding bases from close-up or inside, and 2 for defending chokepoints such as narrow roads.

During the Battle of Leziquk, a detachment of the 36th was sent down to the shore to reinforce the 2nd Ca Regiment and the 6th Adu Regiment. The Kom'rk Legion fought bravely, but the battle was a disaster. Only 153 clones escaped, 138 of them were of the 36th. Commander Jurkad survived, but the 15th Corps had lost over a quarter of its forces.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Mando'a, kom'rk means "gauntlet".

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