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The 33rd battle legion or known as by the technical computers as Droid Legion 31813181, was one the best legions that served the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the droid equal of the Republic's 501st legion.

Manufacturing Edit

First when it was to be made, the 33rd Legion was to be a small commando legion but as more worlds left the Republic, it grew into an army by progrming its droids with advance batlle tactics and was placed under the command of General Grievous along with veteran OOM Command Droids. The space command was left under Nemoidian captains but was mostly managed by elite pilot Deetle Cerchk. When it was fully raedy for combat, Archduke Poggle te Lesser gave it the designation of 33 since it was the Geonosian lucky number.

Forces Edit

The legion was placed under the direct command of General Grievous with assistance of Nemoidians officers and OOM command droids like OOM-38. Small squads were lead by organic soldiers or officers like Captain Cerchk.

Units Edit

  • B1 battle droid: Assault, assasain and engineer.
  • B2 battle droids
  • Droidekas
  • Dwarf Spider Droids
  • Magnaguards
  • Geonosian armored commandoes
  • Gossam commandoes
  • OOM series battle droids: Commander, Security, Pilot

Capital ship crews Edit

  • RD Confederate Astromech
  • Droidekas
  • Engineer droids
  • Geonosian aces and engineers
  • Magnaguards
  • Nemoidian officers and Gunners
  • OOM pilot and security droids

Vehicles Edit

Ground vechicles Edit

  • AAT
  • Dwarf spider droid
  • GAT
  • HAG
  • Hailfire droids
  • Homing spider droids
  • STAP

Starfighters Edit

  • Belbullab 22 starfighter
  • Droid Tri-fighter
  • Geonosian Starfighter
  • Scarab droid starfighter
  • Trade Fedration Droid bombers
  • Vulture droid starfighters

Squads Edit

Capital ships Edit

  • Bulwark-class battlecruiser
  • Lucrehulk-class battleship
  • Munificient-class star frigate
  • Providence-class destroyer
  • Recusant-class light destroyer
  • Trade Fedration Missile frigate

Missions Edit

See: Operation Sneak

The 33rd battle legion was first deployed at the battle of Geonosis in an escape operation. Their first objective was to take back a landing zone and hangar to deploy supplies and protect General Grievous as he escaped. Then followed raids to Mygeeto, Republic Star Destroyers and several factory worlds including defending an outpost on The Works on Coruscant.