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The following events took place in 20 BBY.

This year was known as Year 15 after the Great ReSynchronization.


  • Beginning of the Vandal Wars.
  • End of the first part of the Vandal Wars.
  • Nathaniel Kenobi is knighted.
  • Leykor-Varrk Compromise takes effect.
  • Utaalk's term as mayor of Raxus Prime ends.
  • Alpha Red Asteroid Base is constructed.
  • Leviathan Armament Project initiates.'
  • Confederate forces temporarily occupies North Valand in the North Valand Campaign, North Valandan Confederate sympathisers and pro-Confederates, which were common the southern part of North Valand bordering the Republic of Valand, assist in the retaking of North Valand, two North Valandan Confederate units of distinction were the 191st (North Valand) Infantry Regiment and the North Valand Irregulars.
  • Oliver Irton, a Confederate sympathizer from North Valand and brother of President Henry Irton of North Valand, forms the Provisional Government of the Independent State of North Valand, merging all pro-Confederate North Valandan rebel units under a single organization, the Provisional Government will become the new Senate of North Valand following the Confederate victory in the North Valand Campaign.
  • North Valand votes to join the Confederate States of Earth as an independent state, the majority of Unionist North Valandans fled to Union-held territory following the Confederate occupation, leaving a Confederate-sympathizing majority of the North Valandan population.
  • The Zann Consortium steals the prototype Zelac-class Star Destroyer.
  • Veight Station is destroyed.
  • The Confederate States of Earth wins the Earth Civil War through the capture of President Williams leader of the Union of Earth States, at the Battle of Fort Precipice, and the Siege of Williamstown, the Union capital, as a result of the Union agrees to sign a peace treaty in return for their president, the result is the Treaty of Williamstown, in which the U.E.S is forced to grant legitimacy to the Confederacy, and is treaty bound to respect the C.S.E's independence.
  • The day on which the signing of the Treaty of Williamstown took place becomes the Confederate Independence Day, an annual holiday in which the C.S.E gives thanks for its independence, self-determination, liberty and those died for its freedom.
  • The Confederate States of Earth Army forms the Army of Occupation, an army of reservists and volunteers, the purpose of the army is to maintain forces within the Union of Earth States, to ensure the Union doesn't attempt to restart the Earth Civil War.
  • The Dalek Empire takes over the galaxy




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