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—Motto of the 1337 N00B5

The 1337 N00B5, also known as the Leet Noobs or simply the l33t, were a gang of pirates formed in the early days of the Clone Wars by Kaffman and Radar Spectros. The gang, founded in order to unlock Vergere's Holocron, which had been discovered by Kaffman's archeological team on Korriban, was an unorthodox pirate league, as its code of ethics was based on Jedi's light-sided perception of morality. The gang was led by Ilmar Grmek, a cunning, disciplined, though principled tactician who was unable to become an officer in the Republic Navy when the Clone Army was authorized. It communicated in secret using 1337, which neither the Republic nor the Empire could decipher with their decryption programs.

The 1337 N00B5 started as a gang of three members, plus PK-10, a weather prediction and tactical analyst droid owned by Ilmar Grmek. During their first mission, the raid on the Jedi Temple, they enlisted the help of the Blood Karvers. Soon after, Wongata Kelvin and the crew of the Ancient also joined the 1337 N00B5 out of a life debt. The 1337 N00B5 would gradually grow larger and more powerful throughout the rest of the Clone Wars, even enlisting a former Jedi, Thracia Cho-Leem and her children, Rosala Cho-Leem and Jayo Cho-Leem, to their cause.

The 1337 N00B5 fought a number of factions during their early years, primarily the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic, though they also had conflicts with the Coruscanti police, the Utapau Security Force, CorSec, Black Sun, the Zann Consortium, and Jabba Desilijic Tiure's crime syndicate. The ultimate goal of the 1337 N00B5 was to destroy the Sith, whose existence was learned of when Vergere's Holocron was discovered. The same Holocron manipulated the 1337 N00B5 into fighting both the Republic and the CIS, though by the finish of the Clone Wars, they had figured out that Palpatine and Dooku were both Sith Lords.

After the Declaration of a New Order, the 1337 N00B5 fled the Empire, establishing a permanent base on Yavin IV, and building their forces there. They sent small, covert missions from there, designed mostly for distributing anti-Imperial propaganda, particularly through the 1337 J0URN41Z.

When the 1337 N00B5 became more aware of the growing atrocities of the Empire, they developed a plan to destroy Palpatine and Vader by finding the supposed Sith Lord Vergere, who had disappeared in the Unknown Regions years earlier, and therefore likely survived the Jedi Purge. The events that followed are collectively referred to as the Hunt for Vergere. During this campaign, the 1337 N00B5 explored the Unknown Regions, finally fighting either with or against the Galactic Empire, the Yuuzhan Vong, the Chiss Ascendancy, and Zonama Sekot, in a climactic battle that would determine the fate of the galaxy. In that battle, the pirate gang's founder, Kaffman, was killed, and the 1337 N00B5 suffered heavy losses and were forced to retreat into obscurity.

Years later, the remains of the 1337 N00B5 would join the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Some of their more skilled pilots, including Jett Worrap and Radar Spectros, wounded up in Ace Squadron.


Early historyEdit

Though the 1337 N00B5 were officially founded on Corellia a little over a month into the Clone Wars, the gang was formed from Kaffman and Radar Spectros only a week after the start of the Clone Wars. The formation of the gang was prompted by the discovery of Vergere's Holocron, an artifact that Kaffman concluded had to be a Sith artifact, and Radar learned was only a few years old. Kaffman, who studied the philosophies of the Jedi and the Sith for a long time, decided that they were obligated to learn more about the new Sith Lords, and destroy them if possible. Fearing incorrectly that the Jedi would use the return of the Sith as an excuse to seize more power in the Senate, the two formed a tiny gang, which would use three prototype Eta-2 Actis-class interceptors belonging to Radar and the Ferrier-class shuttle that they used for their expeditions.

Original missionsEdit

To learn more about the Holocron, it was required to unlock it with the presence of a Force-sensitive organism. Radar, who knew there was a specimen of Force-sensitive bacteria in the Jedi Temple's science labs, concluded that if the culture was stimulated properly, it could fool the Holocron into thinking a Force-sensitive being was trying to access it. After several attempts to access the sample legally, they finally decided the only way to take the sample was by force, and the only way to do that would be with an air-raid.

To plan a strategy for the air-raid, Kaffman hired Ilmar Grmek, a Mon Calamari graduate from the Corulag Officer Academy, and gave her the highest "rank" in the 1337 N00B5. Her weather prediction/tactical analyst droid, PK-10, was also given a role as the pilot of the Ferrier shuttle and as Grmek's assistant.

They managed to lift the bacterial sample during the raid on the Jedi Temple. During the same raid, they hired the Blood Karvers to join them, and stole several Delta-7 Aethersprite-class interceptors from the Jedi Temple hangar for their own purposes.

After barely escaping Anakin Skywalker, they encountered the Acclamator-class frigate Ovation, which trapped the gang in a stalemate. To buy time, they raided the Coruscant mirror stations, plundering resources from the satellites. When Jett Worrap's computer program, designed to look for departing CIS fleets, concluded that a CIS fleet was headed for Utapau, they lured the Ovation into a trap by jumping to Utapau, exploiting the Ovation captain's plan to use a Hypercourse Ambush.

When they arrived at Utapau, they observed that the Ovation, along with the Ancient and the Short were battling a larger CIS fleet than predicted. Feeling remorse over the loss of life that would result from a Republic/Utapauan defeat, Ilmar Grmek ordered the gang to force the Republic into retreat by setting up a base near the asteroid field, tractoring in the Ancient, and using the corvette to board the CIS flagship.

When they tractored the Pau'an vessel into their base, Kaffman, Radar, and Grmek spoke with its captain, promising to free the prisoners aboard the CIS flagship in return for the corvette's service, despite there being no personal gain for the gang. The plan worked, and the CIS frigate was captured, resulting in the CIS retreat and the negotiation of the Utapau Neutrality Pact. Wongata, who perceived that he and his crew owed the gang a life debt, persuaded Administrator Medon to allow his ship to join them. The 1337 N00B5 were able to keep the Munificent-class star frigate that they had captured.

Mutiny on TralusEdit

The pirates headed to Tralus, a remote world in the Corellian system, to establish a temporary base and recruit some of the locals. There, they built at least one base on the planet and purchased new freighters.

By that time, the former Blood Karvers had become dissatisfied with Kaffman's conscientious leadership, and Jett Worrap reprogrammed PK-10 to help them steal the frigate they had just acquired. While Kaffman was visiting his father on Tralus, the Blood Karvers acted, commandeering the Munificent-class frigate and jamming the gang's communications. Speaking on an open channel, Radar, Grmek and Wongata consulted with one another, taking different sides on how to deal with the mutiny. Kaffman and his father intercepted the communications, and Kaffman's father used his status as an influential CorSec veteran to enlist the help of several Y-wing bombers that were part of the local security force. As the frigate was defeated, the Blood Karvers were assimilated back into the gang, on the condition that they could become their own special operations squadron and that the pirate gang be officially called the 1337 N00B5.

Clone WarsEdit

Building forcesEdit

The 1337 N00B5 relocated to Corellia, hiding their base in plain sight in one of the cities and using Kaffman's father's connections to keep them from being detected. It was there that the 1337 N00B5 committed their first acts of legitimate piracy, capturing civilian freighters and ransoming either the vessels or the cargo. It is presumed that Grmek ordered these raids, and that the former Blood Karvers' squadron conducted most of them. Meanwhile, due to Wongata's plan to negotiate with Black Sun to get a jump start, Radar Spectros and Kaffman searched for evidence of Black Sun activities, despite Radar's doubts. Also during this time, PK-10 and Wongata used the rescue shuttle to recruit new followers, with moderate success.

Using Jett Worrap's programming skills and Radar Spectros's engineering ability, the 1337 N00B5 constructed a small-scale factory that was capable of reproducing ships using their designs. With this factory, several new Eta-2s were manufactured in those weeks, while ransom money was used to purchase vintage YT-1300 freighters and possibly even a C70 Corellian corvette.

Their immunity to CorSec's searches did not last long, however. Two CorSec Officers stumbled upon the 1337 N00B5 base by accident, and briefly contacted Jett Worrap. Alerted to the coming danger, Kaffman, Grmek and Worrap formulated a plan to escape. CorSec acted quickly, showing up with a fleet of several C70 corvettes and Y-wing bombers. Grmek managed to buy time by "negotiating" with the CorSec officers, sometimes even going as far as to accuse them of racism, while Kaffman and Radar sneaked away in the Ferrier-class shuttle, appearing at the Corellia Senatorial Embassy, where Senator Garm Bel Iblis was working. Jett Worrap's hacking skills allowed Kaffman and Radar to secure an appointment with the Senator, but they were almost stopped when a Senate Guard recognized Vergere's Holocron as a Sith artifact. Thinking fast, Radar pretended to use a Jedi mind trick on the guard, which seemed to fool the guard's mind into thinking it was being altered. The guard permitted them to pass, presumably under the influence of a psychologically-induced stupor that came about from Radar's implication that he was using a mind trick. Kaffman was greatly impressed by this, especially since Radar had never taken psychology. Radar surmised it was because he hadn't that he managed to pull off non-Force-induced hypnosis.

When they entered Garm Bel Iblis's office, much to the Senator's unpleasant surprise, PK-10 jammed the building's communications. Iblis immediately recognized the two as the professors who had supposedly been kidnapped by pirates. Kaffman and Radar then proceeded to explain to the Senator the true story of their disappearance.

Meanwhile, the time given to the 1337 N00B5 to turn in their personnel expired, and the CorSec fleet opened fire on the 1337 N00B5 base. Despite her relatively small resources, Grmek was able to outsmart the attackers, using the Ancient, which was the same class as the CorSec ships, to confuse the enemy while the base revealed ion cannons that disabled two of the enemy corvettes.

As Garm Bel Iblis exchanged information with Kaffman and Radar at gunpoint, it became clear that the 1337 N00B5 were only responsible for a small portion of the attacks. With that realization, Kaffman informed Garm that they could track down the Black Sun operations and drive them offworld on the condition that their gang be left alone. Showing the Holocron to the Senator, Kaffman explained their gang's motives. Garm, who had more appreciation for morality than Kaffman assumed, dodged the 1337 N00B5 attempts to force him into conceding, but rather called off the attack on the 1337 N00B5 out of his own accord.

However, the local media were closely following the developments on the "Corellian pirate wars," and in order to divert the attention of reporters away from the secret deal the Senator made with a pirate gang, the 1337 N00B5 were instructed to surrender their base to make it look like CorSec had triumphed as it should have, getting away with their ships. The CorSec officer leading the fleet, however, did not give up pursuit as he was ordered, and the 1337 N00B5 were forced to shoot down his ship, capturing the crew. Some of the CorSec crew defected to the 1337 N00B5, and the rest were freed. Two journalists who were covering the "pirate wars" story, Syal Niccin and Waber'ought, were captured in the battle by the 1337 N00B5, and were forced to publish stories on the Holonet detailing a decisive Corellian victory, but also reporting that the real pirate threat was far from eliminated. The journalists were released, but constantly supervised by Wongata Kelvin. During a disastrous encounter on the front lines of a confrontation between CorSec the newly-discovered Black Sun forces, Syal Niccin and Waber'ought got in the way and were fired. Kaffman proceeded to offer them a job with the 1337 N00B5, which they both accepted, with rather contrasting degrees of enthusiasm.

Using the connections with CorSec, the 1337 N00B5 uncovered and destroyed a Black Sun base, claiming rights to all plunder and driving the Black Sun presence off of Corellia. The Black Sun survivors mostly joined up with the 1337 N00B5, as they had nowhere else to go. The two journalists, now working for the 1337 N00B5, began working with Kaffman and other members of the 1337 N00B5 to publish the first issues of the 1337 J0URN41Z, a propaganda pamphlet meant to shift public perception in whatever ways the 1337 N00B5 needed. This chain of good fortune led the 1337 N00B5 to begin a massive development campaign, purchasing new ships and training new pilots. However, since the people of Corellia believed that the pirates were defeated, they were unable to carry out any more ransom missions on that planet without breaking the deal with Senator Garm Bel Iblis.

Soon after, however, a CIS Providence-class destroyer appeared in orbit and picked up the Improbus, which had been used by Cad Bane's posse to abduct former Jedi Thracia Cho-Leem and her family. The appearance of a CIS military vessel in the neutral space of Corellia caused political turmoil on the surface, and Garm Bel Iblis, who wished to keep the peace and not get dragged into the Clone Wars, told the 1337 N00B5 to drive off the Separatists before the Republic could force Corellia into reconsidering their diplomatic stance.

The Trade Federation Cruiser did not intend to cause any trouble, but the 1337 N00B5 interceptors quickly approached the cruiser. Mistaking the 1337 Eta-2s for Jedi fighters, Cad Bane ordered Aegrus Claustrum to use the Improbus to cover their escape, a suicide mission by all accounts. Though Aegrus succeeded in keeping the 1337 N00B5 away from the cruiser as it escaped into hyperspace, Jett Worrap's squadron was able to shoot down the state-of-the-art gunship and kill the bounty hunter in the process.

Dogfight over TatooineEdit

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Rise of the EmpireEdit

Order 66Edit

Rescue on MustafarEdit

Later missionsEdit


Hunt for VergereEdit

Battle of the MawEdit

Raid on BespinEdit

Search in the Unknown RegionsEdit

Battle of Zonama SekotEdit

Final confrontationEdit

Later yearsEdit


The known ships that belong to the 1337 N00B5 are:

Behind the scenesEdit

The 1337 N00B5 were originally created for a discontinued work, Star Wars: Defection. Their name came from "leetspeak," a system of spelling changes, primarily with numbers and non-alphabetical characters, which make for a somewhat confusing language. The inspiration to use this name came from the fact that the word "noob" appeared in a canon Star Wars product.

The 1337 N00B5 are the protagonists in the turn-based strategy/3D flight shooter Avian Hunt, a video game currently being developed by C3PO the Dragon Slayer.


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