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Chapter Two: The Point of No Return

The GA-Imperial War nears its inevitable end. The Galactic Alliance has breached the Imperial defences, capturing in a string of minor battles Makem Te, Ord Mantell and Ithor. The Imperial armada at Mandalore has been weakened as the Empire sends more and more vessels rimward. Four destroyers at Muunilinst, another four at Ammund, and two a piece to Orinda and Garqi, the latter reinforcing three Star Destroyers already in-system.

The Battle of Mon Calamari destroyed the Imperial Fifth Fleet, and saw the remnants capture Toola, Iego and Kubindi in rapid succession. But even those have been mostly abandoned, and what is left of the Imperial Fifth has retreated to very heart of Imperial Space. The Empire has reinforced itself to the point that any fleet would engage layers upon layers of resistance - a temporary measure to slow down the inevitable.

The Imperial Knights are compensating for the growing belligerence among some of its members, attempting to contain them all in one place, helping reinforce the agitated Mandalorians at Concord Dawn, whom face growing Alliance numbers. Aden Kya is among the Knights, but Iric Katuran has his own concerns, heading to Haruun Kal, now his Lor Pelek is seeemingly dead, killed by Sou Jin and Darth Talon.

The Moffs squabble, and the Second Battle of Taris and Second Battle of Borosk rage on, keeping a large chunk of the Imperial fleet dedicated. As the Battle of Taris comes to a close with a total Imperial defeat, Jedi Masters Kol Skywalker, Verden Pinder and Bosa Nejeco move deeper into the Empire, with elements capturing Bandomeer even as the Alliance is still containing the garrison on Taris.

The Alliance itself struggles to hold on as the Confederacy sieges Yag'Dhul and Gyndine, looking set on stabbing onto Corellia and Denon. And with the Battle of Kiffu raging still, the Confederacy looks set on relieving that world and pushing on towards Fondor and eventually Kuat - the Alliance's economic heart. Raven Velle and her Jensaari have been aided by Sith such as Darth Bison, Darth Maleval, Darth Verrick and Canistia, all acting as Jensaari and slaying many a Jedi.

On Kiffu itself, Kiffu Guardians assault the Alliance fleet under Unlin Vos, faced by Tenk Qatar only. Alister Vornau, Kai and Aruw'n Bonadan lead the dissolving ground assault against Antares Draco and Tak Tonnacry, both of whom protect Moff Yage and seek to prevent the Imperial Order of Battle falling into Jedi and Alliance hands - succeeding in some degree. And as Confederacy warships push further Coreward, warships even now decant to engage the Alliance presence there.

Jedi-led fleets dig their heels in at Ruan, Arkania and Brentaal, preparing for the worse. The Alliance fleet deployed to Roche prepares to engage the system, despite having no intelligence as to the intentions of Xaare, the Verpine leader. Further rimward, the Alliance pulls its fleets from Makem Te and Lianna, amassing them at bruised Mon Calamari and lightly defended Ossus. With a fleet near Concord Dawn, the Alliance is preparing for the outright siege of Mandalorian Space.

Behind this all, draped in shadows, Darth Krayt and his Sith Order aid the Confederacy, giving it victories and successes, while preparing to intervene if the Empire nears utter collapse. Locked in a battle of wills with Emperor Roan Fel, the Sith seek to drag the Imperial Knights into the war, even as they realise a force is gathering to thwart them. The Yuuzhan Vong have found an ally that lives in the darkness, deeper even than Darth Krayt, and her Order has decided that Darth Krayt's Sith are mockeries and need destroying. Maleficarum is their leader, and she now seeks to push the Sith into acting prematurely, having long been allied with Twilight Grandmaster Kogun Shay - whom even now is free of the prisons of Korriban, his Twilight Jedi on Utapau scheming to overthrow their Sith masters, many of which are on Utapau.

But, more worryingly, is the actions of a select few. Simeon Ternor leads Kira Romar to the Jedi tombs of Arkania. Asaja Morine, a long dead Jedi, contacted the Knight and donating her lightsaber. A Yevethan bounty hunter, hired by Nyna Calixte at Darth Maladi's direction, sought the pair, and confronted Knight Romar even as Simeon removed her access to the Light side of the Force. But even that test was passed by Knight Romar, and soon they shall step into the greater void between right and wrong at Fondor, as Simeon slowly falls for the young Jedi Knight.

Emperor Roan Fel and Grandmaster Kol Skywalker, at Judal Cranes initiative, move slowly towards a lasting peace, or at least a temporary compromise as both sides collapse into total warfare and anarchy - especially with the collapse of the Empire being degrees faster than that of the Alliance. Eydan Skorne is taught the ways of the Dark Side by Darth Imperi, whom is being assisted by an older and more malevolent force in the form of Umbrus, an ancient evil from the Old Sith Wars.

But as the Empire crumbles and compromises, the Alliance struggles with the treachery of the Confederacy, and the Jedi find themselves engaging the dark side even as it divides into camps. The remaining Force cults find that they have but one choice; which side? The Selkath, Palawa, Daothmiri - all the Force users of the Known Galaxy - must choose Roan Fel or Kol Skywalker - or be left to the mercy of Darth Krayt and Maleficarum...

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