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128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - Turning Point is roleplaying game set in the Legacy comics era on TheForce.Net Roleplaying Forum. Started by Sinrebirth on 29 March 2007, the game follows the second year of what will become known as the Sith-Imperial War between the Galactic Alliance and Galactic Empire.

Following the Jedi, Imperial Knights and Sith specifically, it is building up to the moment when the Sith intervene and the 'turning point' arrives at last.



Retired ParticipantsEdit

  • Vector_Alpha
  • Reynar_Tedros
  • PrincessCambria
  • Imperial_Hammer
  • GraySaberFreque
  • Squishy_Vic

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

Galactic AllianceEdit

Galactic EmpireEdit

New Sith OrderEdit

Twilight Jedi OrderEdit

Wolatarian Refugee FleetEdit



In-universe statisticsEdit

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