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123 Czerka Place
General information

Greenground District, Denon


Golden Age of the Republic


Czerka Arms

That's quite a beautiful building for such an ugly tenant.—Anonymous Holonet post

123 Czerka Place was a building in the Greenground District of the planet Denon. It was the centerpiece of the area, which had been the only remaining exposed flatland terrain on the planet. Czerka Arms opted to build a new structure in the district, moving its high-level research offices out of their overcrowded tower in the Akermal District, where other offices remained. 123 Czerka Place was a glass building with a landing pad that rested above the lower three levels. The building was accessible through ground-level and landing pad entrances, but heavy security prevented visitors. Guests to the research offices had to either receive clearance from Czerka's main headquarters in the Akermal District or have governmental clearance.



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