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Écpe system

Expansion Region


Cyrillian Protectorate


1: Écpe

  1. Nanarasha
  2. Pok'bortboir
  3. Battlestation Écpe
  4. Écparz
    • 1
  5. Bojiar
  6. G-Écpe

Écpe's Belt

Native species
  • Infinite Empire
  • Galactic Republic
  • CIS
  • Galactic Empire

The Écpe system was a star system located in the Expansion Region and contained the planet Écparz. In ancient times it was ruled by the Pok'bortboir, as was the neighboring Zetamari system. Sry'iit Vobb'r died while flying into the system with her freighter full of cargo in 61 BBY.

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