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Does anyone know the wiki codes for a few things?

I'm having some trouble with a page and need to know the code to shrink an image to a manageable size, because the original image as is takes up almost all of the page. The image I uploaded for Aldin Whiteshadow is too big for the article and I don't know how to shrink it. I also know how to use existing infoboxes, but I don't know the codes to edit the colors. Does anyone know a step by step on how to do this please?

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Hey there. You can size images by using the code [[Filename.jpg|250px]]. I'm not sure about your infobox question though, sorry. Hope this helps though! :)

To add onto Savage's comment, you can change the "250" to any number you want.

As for infoboxes, those use hex codes. You can find a list of those here. Find the color you want, look for the six-character code under "Hex code," and then add that to the field for the code on the template. Make sure you remove the spaces between the groups of letters, i.e. use 000000 instead of 00 00 00.